Refill Medication

The most efficient way to refill a medication is to contact your pharmacy, which will dispense the medication so long as refills remain on the current prescription.

If there are no refills left on the current prescription, the pharmacy will notify our office to request a new prescription. Please allow 48 hours for the processing of refill requests.

For controlled substances such as ADHD medications (example: Concerta, Adderall) please call when you have seven days of medication left to schedule an office visit.

Medications prescribed by a specialist (seizure, diabetes, thyroid, psychiatric, blood pressure meds for example) need to be refilled by the specialist. We will not refill any medication that was not prescribed by us.

When filling out the form, please enter the following information in the message section:

-Child's Name
-Name of Medication
-Strength or concentration of the medication
-Dosing instructions
-Pharmacy name, location, & telephone number

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